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Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy shops

I would have liked to do a more informative post today, but one of our cats has died ): It was old age, so we saw it coming, but still...

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Yes, I am fascinated by that nursery rhyme! <3

Today, I'm going to share my favorite Etsy shops with you! They are best for fairy kei, but work with lolita too.
I just adore this shop! Their shoes are so delightful! I own the 'Kitty Cat Mary Janes' and they are fabulous! I will post a review soon. Their tees are precious too!
If you like unicorns, you belong here! Her unicorn jewelry is just killer! I own two of her necklaces and I wear the so often.
I adore her rings!
I love their Ponyville My Little Pony necklaces! Having a pony strapped to your neck may not be for every body, but I think it's super fun!
Their tote bags are just too much! Everything is so cute, you will scream!
They are on vacation today, but their mokomoko 2ways are to die for! They also take commissions- they made a replica of the Chocomint fuzzy glasses for me!

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