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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kawaii Goods LP review

I got a Wuzzles book from the used bookstore.



It's never been colored in <3 I want a Moosel plush so bad. The only Wuzzles stuff I ever find in the shops is books...

I ordered a Kawaii Goods lucky pack!


I ordered the $10 fairy kei LP.

Pictured on my new MLP cel because I can <3

I received:
2 way fuzzy stars
hair clip

I love the fuzzy, ring and necklace and will use them alot! I don't have anything to match the hairclip, but it's still cute and I like it.
The fuzzy is very well made and I'd say slightly nicer than the similar one I own from Cat Nap Caps. The necklace looks well made too and it's really cute. The ring is a standard cabochon on a ringbase affair, but it's nice because I don't have any candy themed rings yet. The heart clip is a little cheaper feeling than the other items, but still charming enough.
I am disappointed that I received earrings, however. I wish it had been mentioned on the site because not everyone can wear earrings! I have a crippling phobia of pain and I've never been able to get my ears pierced. I will save them aside as a birthday gift for a friend.
My major issue with this pack was the cost of shipping. While I feel my items were worth $10, when you add in the expensive shipping, the pack suddenly feels like a stretch for the value. Even with the actual cost of the shipping and the envelope considered, the $7 or so I paid for the shipping was expensive. It also did not include tracking for that price.
All in all, I'm happy with my pack. A surprise is always fun and I'll be using most of my items.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

70s patterns

Yes, here is that dolly kei themed post I've been promising.

This now sold out necklace from ShanaLogic is amazing! I would have ordered one, but I was afraid I'd kill it ^^;; *no good with plants* If it comes back in stock, I think it'd be amazing with dolly kei!

I was able to make half price day at the Salvation army today!

Got some fab stuff for my dolly kei wardrobe.



And now the best part...


I thought the one I found months ago was a very oddball find...but here is a very similar one! I couldn't beleive it.

Here they are together


I still like my first one more, but this one is amazing too!

Now I want to share my vintage pattern collection with you.

These are all from the 70s, given to me by my mom.




Aren't they amazing? So much cuter than modern designs! I also find them easier to use and of higher quality than modern patterns. I've seen patterns like these often while thrifting so I'm sure you can find some too :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Little Pony Fair

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was sick, then I was preparing for My Little Pony Fair.

I'll get back to my regular posting soon, but here is my report on MLP Fair!

Friday was the tour of Hasbro!

Here's my outfit:

Dress: Bodyline
Shirt: Fan+Friend
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Em&Sprout
Accessories: Me, Pretty Pop, Wear it Cuter, Kawaii Goods...

Chillin' with the Transformers

The tour was very nice. We were shown how the commercials are made, the design process for MLP from clay to product, and the design process for the Fair pony. The Hasbro building had toys every where inside! All along window ledges, stuck to walls, etc.
While it was fun and interesting, I don't think I'd need to do it again if the Fair was held in RI again. It was cool, but not worth another extra night in a hotel for. I'd just go for Saturday from now on.

After the tour, we were allowed to shop in the Hasbro toy shop. I was surprised how tiny and no-frills it was. Maybe it's for Hasbro employees to buy toys at? However,everything was more than half price! I got a few G4 and G3.5 MLPs and some LPS/Blythe sets. I forgot to get a pic, but it's not too exciting.

After that, I loitered a bit and watched the vendors set up. While I was doing that, a camera man approached me and asked for an interview. He was fascinated by my outfit lol He said Hasbro hired him and he has no idea what the footage will be used for! It was the highlight of my day, though. You know I love talking about myself lol

Here's my Saturday out fit

Dress: Me! It's MLP fabric if you can't see it :)
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Em&Sprout
Accessories: Pretty Pop, Kawaii Goods, Cat Nap Caps, a friend of mine, vintage MLP...

Alot of people liked it. I was very happy :)

My backpack! I've had it since I was 4 <3 This is the first time I've used it since then. I don't want to break it ^^; Photobucket

The Fair opened at 9 on Saturday, but we got there at 10. The line for the official merch both was all the way through the room! But before I got on it, I stopped at Anitas_Mom's booth to get a Baby Seapony plushie! I adore her plushie work and as soon as she posted her new Seapony line on the forum, I knew it would be my first purchase at the con! I also got a mini Big Mac plush. He's my fave from FiM :) I then got on the merch line.
While on the line a man I presume was a husband holding a place in the line struck up a conversation with me about the con. It was nice having company waiting on the long line.
The merch booth was sold out of keychains and blind-bag figures!! Boooooo!! But I got a pony, shirt, pin and postcards.

After that, I went to the 'design seminar'. There was an online lottery to choose who would get to attend, so I felt special :3 It was alot of what we heard in the tour but it was nice to sit in comfy chairs :)

Once that was over, I wandered around and pony shopped.

Some cute cosplayers

My friend Dalin from La Vida Frills! Along with Lindsay from Pretty Pop! I'm a huge fan of her stuff and had even commissioned my furry glasses from her! It was so nice to meet her. On the right is Victoria from Lolita Charm! Her fairy kei outfit was excellent.

The only other loli and bjd fan! So funny we had the same dress.

Overview of the room

My haul

And there was a nice icecream social after.

Over all, it was pretty fun, but not quite as fun as an anime con just due to there not being many events. The people were more mature and friendlier than anime people, though! I think if they hold it near enough for me to go again, I'd just do one day. Especially since two days is really hard on my body. I was so sore ):
A note for the disabled: If you are not able to sit on the ground (like myself), you may want to reconsider this event. I hate when people don't give thought to the disabled (it happens so often), so I really want to let people know about this in case.

You can see all the pics at my FB.