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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The lonely girl

Sometimes it's very hard to be a lolita in a place where the very few others have no interest in making friends or meeting up. There's a lolita from my area that shows up on Tumblr or other blogs sometimes. It's painful whenever I see her show up. I've met her twice but she has no interest in being friends. It makes me very sad because I love nothing more than making friends and spending time with people with similar interests.
If you are a lolita in an area where you can have meet ups, please treasure it. I wish so badly I could go to meetups of any sort, whether for fashion, dolls, anime... I know most people assume that every area has meet ups, but it's absolutely not the case!

In case you haven't noticed, unlike other J-fashion blogs, this one won't be able to give too much uplifting advice. I struggle with things too and don't have many answers. Buuuuut I guess I can be here to sympathize if you have fashion related problems in your life too :)

The weather's turned now and going outside has become impossible. Dressing up will be harder now too. I would've liked to put together a more elaborate outfit to hang out with my friends today, but unfortunately, I had to make sure to dress lightly. Even though stores have AC, one stills needs to be careful walking from the car to the building, right?


So I tried my best to accessorize this cute 80s dress :)
The necklaces are pony brushes I decorated! I have spares that I'm selling for $5 plus shipping so let me know if you'd like one :)

While I was out, I went back to Goodwill and they still had the Barbie sheets I wanted!


I'm so excited to try to make a dress just like the ones at Spank!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dream lolita items

First of all, if you liked the unicorn backpack I got off ebay, there is another one up for bid! Cheaper than I got mine too!

I would also like to remind everyone about my Tumblr :) It's mostly fairy kei.

Even though I don't buy much brand, I still have a wishlist! I'm still new to wearing lolita (even though i've been learning about it since 2007) so hopefully as I grow into a more experienced lolita I'll begin to buy more brand.

Here are my most wanted lolita items:

Wizard of Oz JSK Pictures, Images and Photos
Baby- Wizard of Oz jsk in Navy. (i'd do with white or black though)
I really love the simple and cute appliques! Even though this is my 3rd wanted item, I'd like to try to save up for it before the others since it doesn't seem incredibly popular.


Innocent World- Gertrude skirt in Navy
Normally I'd buy the replica but they didn't make navy ): The color just looks amazing with the Cinderella theme.


Twinkle Journey OP any color
You know how much I love ponies! Honestly, unless a replica comes out, I don't think I could ever save enough for this. Maybe the skirt...

There's another item I really want... In the 1st English GLB they showed a picture of a hoodie by MAM with devil ears and tail! ;o; I've wanted it so bad for years now! I can't find a pic online orz

I also want so many Putumayo cutsews, it's not even worth listing!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lolita wrist cuff tutorial

Note: This tutorial assumes you have sewn before.


You need:

1. Cut a strip of fabric a foot and 3 inches long. I hesitate to tell you how wide because you might have a different preference. The white and blue cuff was cut 3 in. wide, so use that as a guide line.

2. Hem the long edges. My machines has the decorative stitch function so I recomend that if you have it.

3. Choose a wide ribbon that compliments your cuff. Cut it the same length as your cuff and pin it to the center. Sew it along both edges of the ribbon (NOT down the center of the ribbon!)

4. Grab some elastic and pull it through in between the ribbon and cuff (I'm assuming you know how to do this using safety pins. I can try to explain if you ask)

5. Gather the elastic to fit your wrist. The will make your cuff bunch up and look frilly.

6. Sew the two short edges together, right sides facing. Take care to keep you elastic secured so it does not dissapear into the cuff!

7. Turn cuff right side out.

8. Choose ribbon to make a bow and a charm and hand sew them on. You're done!

There are other wrist cuff tutorials online so if this dose not work for you feel free to use another one. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

I'm not sure if you know, but I also have a craft blog . If you look a few pages back, I have a tutorial for making lolita/dolly kei/punk ties!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wrist cuffs

I decided to teach myself how to make wrist cuffs. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

Hello Kitty ribbon.

Fairy tale feel. I can't find the charm I was going to put on the other one. Oops.

Yesterday was 1/2 price day at Salvation Army hoho

For dolly kei, probably. I loooove paisley.

This matches the shorts I'm making myself!

Gonna make a Spank stlye dress or skirt.

Best find! <3 I love the patchwork theme on this one!

Has every one seen the Harajuku Fashion Walk pictures?
How much fun would that be to go to!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A few things~

A tried a very casual dolly outfit today. I don't feel comfortable yet wearing a full out dolly outfit in public in my area yet. I still need to work up to it! I was going to wear a more dolly skirt but I really liked how this one looked (I already had it on when I put on my blouse). It was unflatteringly flat so I put a Bodyline petti under it. The blouse is my fox hunt pattern one I showed you in a previous post.
My tights are Celeste Stein! I got them from Ebay since the shipping on the CS site is god awful expensive. A guy walking with what looked like his girlfriend said to her that liked my tights! Wonder how she felt about that lol
As a side note, as I’ve mentioned, I’m 5’7. As such it can be hard to find tights that reach to where they are supossed to on me. I have two pairs of CS tights and they both are long enough, but just barely. I think if you are over 5’8, they won’t work for you. Also, I take a US size 6 in pants and these tights do not squeeze my waist; they are loose and comfy.
This is my necklace. I bought it in Canada last year. I has a real scorpian inside. <3 Photobucket
I decorated the tail I bought on Saturday! The charm is a cuckoo clock.

And on the fairy/lolita side of my world, my unicorn backpack came from Ebay! It's by Aurora who generally makes great plushies and plush backpacks/purses. It's so roomy inside! I'm in love. I can't wait to use it!

I've edited the last post with an outfit rundown, btw :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steampunk World's Fair

Yesterday, I went to Steampunk World's Fair in NJ.

It was a great experience. The outfits were amazing! It really was like visitin another world. Unlike anime cons and ren faires where the majority of costumes look a little lame or poor constructed, nearly everyone at this place just looked amazing. So dapper and elegant. I wish it were possible to have a convention like this for lolita fashion!

I wish I had taken pics of some of the amazing outfits for you, but I was so overwhelmed! If I took a pic of everyone I thought was cool, I would have 100s of pics!

However, here are the dandies from the Look at that Dandy panel :)


So dapper <3<3 Here's me when I first got there Photobucket
Edit: Outfit rundown:
Dress: Dream of Lolita
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Em&Sprout
Hat Claires
Hair bunnies: me
Necklace: Me

Edit: This is the necklace I made

Just chillin' with the Tardis like I do
lol I'm not even a Whobie!

me and my BFF Jessica
I bought a fez! Can you guess why? Ofcourse, no one can rock a fez like Heri!

I also got a tail :D I can't wait to add charms to it and make it all dolly/mori

If you ever get a chance to go to a steampunk con, go! Even if, like me, you are not a steampunk.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fairy kei inspiration

Tomorrow, I am off to the Steampunk World's Fair! Whoo! I'm mostly going to see all the outfits :)

Remember or friend with the ballet slippers from my Dolly Boys post? He's back with a new outfit :) Personally, i like the first outfit better.

On the lolita front, Putumayo has put out this fantastic new dress!

I love both Gray and Blue! I want this so badly right now! It's my new dream dress haha. Putumayo stuff is the perfect mix of cute and fun.

I don't have as many Fairy outfit snaps saved as Dolly so what I'm going to do is also post some of my favorite Fairy pieces and generally inspirational pics as well.

This outfit is perfect. I'm not much into the type of faiy kei that uses tutus, I'm much more interested in outfits like this one. My favorite items from Spank are their MLP dresses! This girl really wears it well. Look at her pony bag and pigtails! This is how I want to look when I do fairy.

Here is a close up of one of their MLP dresses! I'm planning to make myself an MLP dress to wear to MLP Fair this July. I won't be using a vintage sheet, though! Just the current MLP fabric that's for sale in the craft stores :)

I love the colorful blanket as a shawl. The colors are great in this one.

Pigtails :) I'm also a sucker for character tees.

This is actually a sales photo from Taiwanese brand Refuse to be Usual, but I really like some of the outfits they put together. I have two 2nd hand RTBU items (nothing from this pic, though) and they are great quality!

Really cute, well put together outfits. I'm so mad I didn't buy that Barbie sheet myself when I saw it at Goodwill ):

MLP is my biggest fairy kei inspiration :)

AP's stuff is getting more fairy these days.

Couldn't love this anymore. I don't know the brand.

Shirt from Spank.

And if you like Fairy, definitely check out this post about the shop Nile Perch! Looks like Heaven to me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dolly Kei inspiration

(I never thought it was possible for an MLP display to be anything but fairy kei looking, but I have been proved wrong!)

I want to share my favorite dolly kei outfits, the ones that inspire me.

This one's all about the hat.

Love the mask!

The girl on the right. I adore that apron. i really want to make a similar one.

This girl absolutely reminds me of a sweet little doll. Definitely the feel I want to get from Dolly!

I actually like shorter skirts, so this looks very comfortable to me.

More on the Cult Party side, but I like how it's still a 'darker' look than typical cult party, like a happy medium between that and Dolly.

Insanely adorable. That floppy bow! Killer.

When I want to dress dolly, these are the pictures I look to <3

I was just on the Mad Tea Party blog, and found this cute guy:

Dolly boys=Eternal squee.

I'm surprised the Dolly kei Tumblrs don't post more from Mad Tea Party. There's some major cuteness on their blog.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I still don't like pink, though!

This is the purse I've been working on! As you can see it's rather huge <3 I'm really proud of it. The patter is from the book 'GothLoli Komono wo Tezukurishimasho'. Photobucket
Today's outfit! Super casual for a trip to the Asian market. I was only out with my parents, not my friends, so I wanted to keep it toned down. My friends give me my strength to be different!
I carried my deer purse from the previous post with this :D

Blouse: Fan+Friend
Skirt: Dollscrops
Socks: Secret Shop
Necklace: Zambi Kandi on Etsy

I don't want to do a full review on F+F because I ordered from them a year ago (last May), but I really want to tell everyone how crappy they are. Every single freaking button on this blouse came loose and had to be resewn! That is unacceptable. I've never had such poor quality from Bodyline or Taobao. Also, the measurements page on their site is wrong. It says to not add on to your body measurement when choosing your clothing size. So I order this blouse exactly for my body size and it was much too small! My mom had to let it out for me and it's still not comfortable. I don't want anyone to deal with this company who can't even write a correct sizing page and has horrible quality! Buy from anyone else. If you must buy from them, add quite a bit to your body measurement!! Buy two sizes up from what they suggest.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taobao Now review

I'm making myself a purse right now and it is so awesome that I can't wait to finish it just to share X3 I love making myself lolita purses!

I have some Ebay auctions up right now including MLP and Sailor Moon! Take a look!

I wrote this a while ago but I'm only posting it here now. I wanted to post it two days ago but Blogger was down! Booooo!

Taobao Now service review and Taobao product review:


How many times have I purchased? 1.5 (I'm in the middle of a new order with them right now. Sugary Carnival replica teehee)

Payment method: Credit card

Shipping: USPS (I used Airmail)

Overall: 10/10

Website: 9/10 Very easy! But does not take paypal ):

Items: 8/10 (they are a shopping service so it's not their fault)

Shipping: 10/10

Communication: 10/10

I highly recomend Taobaonow as a Taobao agent! It's very easy to use and they comunicate so fast! I never felt confused or worried about my order. Everything was so smooth! I will use them for Taobao from now on.
However, they do not take paypal which I find very frustrating (I use my bank card to pay and my bank charges extra for overseas payments ):)


1. Lace Story deer purse


The fur is heavenly! I want to pet it forever!
The inner pouch is big enough for a cell or cash. Not even both! I feel like taking some of the stuffing out to get more room.
There was no way I could find to attach the optional shoulder strap. I finally had to sew it on. It was very odd.
Also, there was dirt on two of the white hearts. Very gross.


Overall, I adore this bag and would still have bought it even if I knew the flaws. They are not a huge deal to me.


2. Kids Yoyo bear hoodie


The quality leaves nothing to be desired. It's warmer than I expected for a hoodie. I'd say you should be good in 45-60F weather.
However! This was a custom size item and they made it too small ): I can't button it bellow my bust. I don't understand why this happened since I was sure of the sizes I gave them. The mistake was definitely not on my end.


9/10 (would be 10 if size was correct)

3. Dream of Lolita IW replica carousel jsk


I was skeptical of DoL, but the quality is amazing! The fabric is so soft. The print is clear and beautiful. This dress is flawless!
I ordered the M and find it very true to size.


As you see, at the seam the print is matched up! So nice!


Lining. Not very exciting, gets the job done.

I love this dress so much! Probably my fave lolita JSK that i own.



Overall, I recommend Taobao Now. They are the only Taobao agent I've used because they are so good. Dream of Lolita is amazing, but Lace Story and Kids Yoyo could improve. Perhaps when placing a KY order, you should add to your measurements.