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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'll start this blog by reposting something from my Livejournal (username soraryuu if you want to check it out!)

'When I was an older child ('tweens' didn't exist back then. you were a kid or a teen), I noticed I was different from the other girls. I couldn't place why, though. I didn't like makeup or trendy clothes or cute boys or the tv shows I was supposed to. I pondered long and hard for years. Did I want to be a boy? No. Did I like girls? No. Was I even a tom boy? Not that either. Then I realised: I wanted to be a girl, you see. Not a 'woman', but a girl. What I identified with was an idealised version of young girls. Little girls who enjoy being cute and owning cute things and are a little helpless and fragile. '

This blog is about my adventures with Japanese-inspired fashion. I'm interested in fairy kei, dolly kei, and lolita.
The reason I became interested in alternative fashion was because I wanted to show the world who I am inside. I think it's a awful shame when girls just wear lolita (or other styles) as just clothes and have no emotional connection to it!
This blog will also occasionally contain posts related my 'fairy kei lifestyle', such as pics of my My Little Ponies and such.



  1. Looking forward to your posts ^-^

  2. I think that we were pretty similar when we were "older children!" :D I hope to see more of your outfit posts and My Little Ponies!

  3. Thank you! There will definetly be lots of pony love and outfits XD