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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taobao Now review

I'm making myself a purse right now and it is so awesome that I can't wait to finish it just to share X3 I love making myself lolita purses!

I have some Ebay auctions up right now including MLP and Sailor Moon! Take a look!

I wrote this a while ago but I'm only posting it here now. I wanted to post it two days ago but Blogger was down! Booooo!

Taobao Now service review and Taobao product review:


How many times have I purchased? 1.5 (I'm in the middle of a new order with them right now. Sugary Carnival replica teehee)

Payment method: Credit card

Shipping: USPS (I used Airmail)

Overall: 10/10

Website: 9/10 Very easy! But does not take paypal ):

Items: 8/10 (they are a shopping service so it's not their fault)

Shipping: 10/10

Communication: 10/10

I highly recomend Taobaonow as a Taobao agent! It's very easy to use and they comunicate so fast! I never felt confused or worried about my order. Everything was so smooth! I will use them for Taobao from now on.
However, they do not take paypal which I find very frustrating (I use my bank card to pay and my bank charges extra for overseas payments ):)


1. Lace Story deer purse


The fur is heavenly! I want to pet it forever!
The inner pouch is big enough for a cell or cash. Not even both! I feel like taking some of the stuffing out to get more room.
There was no way I could find to attach the optional shoulder strap. I finally had to sew it on. It was very odd.
Also, there was dirt on two of the white hearts. Very gross.


Overall, I adore this bag and would still have bought it even if I knew the flaws. They are not a huge deal to me.


2. Kids Yoyo bear hoodie


The quality leaves nothing to be desired. It's warmer than I expected for a hoodie. I'd say you should be good in 45-60F weather.
However! This was a custom size item and they made it too small ): I can't button it bellow my bust. I don't understand why this happened since I was sure of the sizes I gave them. The mistake was definitely not on my end.


9/10 (would be 10 if size was correct)

3. Dream of Lolita IW replica carousel jsk


I was skeptical of DoL, but the quality is amazing! The fabric is so soft. The print is clear and beautiful. This dress is flawless!
I ordered the M and find it very true to size.


As you see, at the seam the print is matched up! So nice!


Lining. Not very exciting, gets the job done.

I love this dress so much! Probably my fave lolita JSK that i own.



Overall, I recommend Taobao Now. They are the only Taobao agent I've used because they are so good. Dream of Lolita is amazing, but Lace Story and Kids Yoyo could improve. Perhaps when placing a KY order, you should add to your measurements.

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  1. Aww, I wish I could bid on the Sailor Moon dolls T^T. Trying to save for my next BJD so I need to be diligent.

    I love the carousel dress! It looks really good with the puffy-sleeved shirt in the last pic.