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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Em&Sprout review

Since I just wore these shoes for the first time all day today, I thought I'd post my review.

Em&Sprout is a US based Etsy shop selling cute shoes and tshirts.


I ordered this pair of shoes:

Overall: 10/10

Website: 10/10
Etsy is very easy and takes paypal!

Items: 10/10
These shoes! These shoes. They are mad comfy. I have size 11 (Euro 42) feet, which is hard enough. But! My feet are also very, very thin. I generally cannot wear ANY cute shoes (my heals pop out the back of most shoes ): ). I took a chance buying these thinking that if they were too wide, I'd wear them in the house for photos. But they fit! My feet do not slip out! Not only that, but they are so soft and comfy! Just wonderful. I especially like that the mary jane strap does not have holes in it, so the strap can be pulled as tight or lose as you need, which adds to the great fit.
The kitty features are securely glued on and after a day of walking on them, they stayed perfectly intact.

Communication 10/10
I asked if the red bows could be changed to white. The shop owner said it was no problem!

Shipping: 9/10 I was not provided the tracking number, even though I saw it had tracking when I got it out of the mail box (unless I got a tracking number and I missed it! I do miss things sometimes) Otherwise, it was typical USPS mail. It took about 2 weeks before my shoes were shipped out, as is stated on the info page.

I totally recommend this shop for cute, comfy shoes! I can't wait to buy a tee sometime too!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy shops

I would have liked to do a more informative post today, but one of our cats has died ): It was old age, so we saw it coming, but still...

In addition to my blog, I'm also active on LiveJournal and Tumblr. Feel free to check them out/add!

Yes, I am fascinated by that nursery rhyme! <3

Today, I'm going to share my favorite Etsy shops with you! They are best for fairy kei, but work with lolita too.
I just adore this shop! Their shoes are so delightful! I own the 'Kitty Cat Mary Janes' and they are fabulous! I will post a review soon. Their tees are precious too!
If you like unicorns, you belong here! Her unicorn jewelry is just killer! I own two of her necklaces and I wear the so often.
I adore her rings!
I love their Ponyville My Little Pony necklaces! Having a pony strapped to your neck may not be for every body, but I think it's super fun!
Their tote bags are just too much! Everything is so cute, you will scream!
They are on vacation today, but their mokomoko 2ways are to die for! They also take commissions- they made a replica of the Chocomint fuzzy glasses for me!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'll start this blog by reposting something from my Livejournal (username soraryuu if you want to check it out!)

'When I was an older child ('tweens' didn't exist back then. you were a kid or a teen), I noticed I was different from the other girls. I couldn't place why, though. I didn't like makeup or trendy clothes or cute boys or the tv shows I was supposed to. I pondered long and hard for years. Did I want to be a boy? No. Did I like girls? No. Was I even a tom boy? Not that either. Then I realised: I wanted to be a girl, you see. Not a 'woman', but a girl. What I identified with was an idealised version of young girls. Little girls who enjoy being cute and owning cute things and are a little helpless and fragile. '

This blog is about my adventures with Japanese-inspired fashion. I'm interested in fairy kei, dolly kei, and lolita.
The reason I became interested in alternative fashion was because I wanted to show the world who I am inside. I think it's a awful shame when girls just wear lolita (or other styles) as just clothes and have no emotional connection to it!
This blog will also occasionally contain posts related my 'fairy kei lifestyle', such as pics of my My Little Ponies and such.