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Monday, June 13, 2011

Anime Next lolita tea party

I haven't updated for a few days because I was getting ready for Anime Next! I'm not a big traveler, so AN is the biggest con I go to all year. It's a big deal and so exciting.

Even though this is a fashion blog, I hope you won't mind if if I show my cosplay!

I'm Saint Tail! It's a 90s magical girl series. I like 90s anime best :)

And this is my outfit for the official lolita tea part on Saturday:

That's my first brand dress! Innocent World's Classical Chairs. I love it so much. I got the long length.
BTW, I know it looks like I don't smile in pics, but I honestly think I'm smiling when the pic is being taken. I'm trying hard to learn to force myself.

Here is my review of the lolita tea party:

Even though the schedule said panel room 1, we were told to go to down a long hallway into a hotel room suite. Only lolis were allowed in. It was like some exclusive loli club. Inside, besides the lolis, were Sakurai-san (a man who writes books about lolita in Japan), his translator, and Kanon aka The Prince from the band An Cafe. Prince was soooooo precious!! He had on his little mini hat and shorts and was arranging the chairs for us! He was such a gentleman and so adorable. He made me feel like we were princesses. We were given free tea and cupcakes and left to talk amongst ourselves for a while. Then Sakurai-san asked us some questions through is translator. Such as, how often we wear lolita, if it's hard wearing lolita in NJ/NY, if we feel like princesses, etc. He was very surprised that there were so many lolitas in NJ! He thought there wasn't enough cakes for us all, but I think some girls didn't eat, because I was able to get 2 cakes and there were still left overs (the cakes were my whole lunch lol). Some of the lolis and I agreed that the plan must be to get our faces full of frosting, then get pictures of us looking silly, because picture time was after the cake lol We were told our photos may be going in a magazine or book in Japan. First, they got single pics of each of us. Then a group pic (I'm in the back *sob* If it's in a magazine, you'll never see me). During the group pic, Kera model Yu Kimura came in! We all clapped and cheered and she got in the pic too. She's soooo cute and tiny, just like a doll. And last, we got individual pics with The Prince and Sakurai. I wasn't done with my cupcake so I stuffed it in my unicorn purse lol Yup, there was half a cupcake in my unicorn.
It was such an amazing experience. It felt like a dream. Being in a hotel room with Japanese celebrities... It was very surreal. It was worth the price of my badge for that party alone! I'll keep you updated if I find anything out about the book/magazine.
I would've taken more pics, but I thought at first it was allowed (the atmosphere was so exclusive... heehee)

(if you are in this picture and don't want to be, tell me and I can blot out your face)

I also watched the h.Naoto Sixh fashion show. It was interesting, but the style wasn't for me. If you are into dubbed anime, you might find it funny that Vic Mingona was one of the models!

I did shop at the h.Naoto booth and got a cute lolita tank top!

My entire review and all picture from the con can be found here.

Hope you all had a good weekend too!


  1. Gaaahh!! That's awesome! You new york loli's are so lucky! xD
    To be in the same room as Kanon must have been awesome! T-T; ...He's so darn attractive!

  2. It really was amazing. It's also the first event I've ever done with other lolis since I live in such an out of the way area.
    I have to be honest and say I didn't really know who Kanon was before the con, but he really was so cute!