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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A rant about doing what you want

I have some auctions up right now! If you like Pokemon or Digimon, it's the place to be! MLP and Sailor Moon too!

This post applies to my feeling for all styles, not just lolita. Unfortunately, lolita has the most rules, though.
I watch 'lolita tips' on Tumblr, but some times the advice bothers me. I know it;s probably targeted at new lolitas to push the in the right direction, but I think some advice can be misleading.
I believe that people get into alternative fashion because they don't want to listen to what anyone says, because they want to be themselves, so why let people on the internet tell you want to do? One of the tips I saw was about not wearing animal ears. But what if you really like animal ears? What if they make you feel you cute? Isn't the point of lolita to make you feel cute and for you to be happy in your outfit? If you want to wear animal ears, please do!
Another thing that bothered me is 'bad lace'. Yes, cheaper lace does not usually look good on a full dress (though a touch around the skirt bottom is fine by me), but I can't see how on small accessories it should be a problem, especially if it has a pretty design. I hate when people say that you shouldn't use cheaper lace just because it 'looks itchy'. Not everyone has the same skin and it doesn't itch me at all for example.
I especially hate the term 'ita' because it's clearly being used as an insult, a dirty word almost. I think 'lolita cosplayer' is a nicer term. Why insult people just for having fun wearing a dress? How that does that help you? If you want to show them up, then dress better than them and go about your day. I believe some girls just do not want to be 'lolitas' in the same way that real lolitas do. Some girls just want to wear something fun, cute, and cheap to a con and that's fine. I have no problem at all with the cosplay lolitas mainly because they are my top customers when I sell at cons! haha I shamelessly make headdresses and other items targeted at them because it sells very well. I could buy the fancy lace and charge $20 a headdress if I wanted to and only sell to real lolitas, but there are other tables who fill that niche. It makes me feel really good to see girls wear my headdresses around cons :) They looks so cute! So in fact, I rather like cosplay lolitas. They are usually, nice, cute, and keep me in business. they don't hurt or bother real lolitas at all. So please be kind to them :) It's no different than being kind to a cosplayer of an anime character. You may not understand it, but let them have fun.
I don't see much drama in dolly and fairy styles, but the same words go. You still do not need to do what every one else does. For example, I enjoy wearing fairy kei, but don't like the tutus! I don't force myself to wear them just to fit in. Speaking of that, one of the things I like best about fairy style is that no ones yells at you if you use the cheap lace! heehee Do worry about what anyone tells you! If you are not breaking the law, go for it!

Disclaimer: I have been diligently studying lolita style since 2007, I do know what's what despite having an unpopular opinion.

Now for some happy Good Will finds :)

A perfect size purse! And official Sanrio too. I've been needing a mid-size purse.

Every trip to the Good Will, one more of these ponies turns up o_O I think they are toying with me. Finally one I don't have, though!

And my outfit for shopping:
Shirt and shorts made by me~

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything dolly kei related recently! Summer just doesn't put me in the mood for that style. I think you dollies might like the vintage pattern post I'm working on.


  1. I totally agree! I always found it funny how lolita's are TOTALLY okay with wearing bunny ears by BTSSB, but if there cat ears THEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE, and your automatically labeled as an "ita".

    Your defiantly right about the "ita" thing too. Cosplay lolitas are really nice! Why should we harass them because "they aren't wearing the style right". I can understand how we want to let everybody ALIVE know that Lolita is not a costume, but a fashion, but I think we take it far too seriously and hurt new lolitas in the process. Sometimes we just need to chill out, and stop trying to control what other people wear.

  2. Those shorts are awesome! *.*

  3. your homemade shorts were SO cute! I want them! :O