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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dolly Kei inspiration

(I never thought it was possible for an MLP display to be anything but fairy kei looking, but I have been proved wrong!)

I want to share my favorite dolly kei outfits, the ones that inspire me.

This one's all about the hat.

Love the mask!

The girl on the right. I adore that apron. i really want to make a similar one.

This girl absolutely reminds me of a sweet little doll. Definitely the feel I want to get from Dolly!

I actually like shorter skirts, so this looks very comfortable to me.

More on the Cult Party side, but I like how it's still a 'darker' look than typical cult party, like a happy medium between that and Dolly.

Insanely adorable. That floppy bow! Killer.

When I want to dress dolly, these are the pictures I look to <3

I was just on the Mad Tea Party blog, and found this cute guy:

Dolly boys=Eternal squee.

I'm surprised the Dolly kei Tumblrs don't post more from Mad Tea Party. There's some major cuteness on their blog.


  1. What a beautiful post! The photos are gorgeous. I adore Dolly Kei