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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The lonely girl

Sometimes it's very hard to be a lolita in a place where the very few others have no interest in making friends or meeting up. There's a lolita from my area that shows up on Tumblr or other blogs sometimes. It's painful whenever I see her show up. I've met her twice but she has no interest in being friends. It makes me very sad because I love nothing more than making friends and spending time with people with similar interests.
If you are a lolita in an area where you can have meet ups, please treasure it. I wish so badly I could go to meetups of any sort, whether for fashion, dolls, anime... I know most people assume that every area has meet ups, but it's absolutely not the case!

In case you haven't noticed, unlike other J-fashion blogs, this one won't be able to give too much uplifting advice. I struggle with things too and don't have many answers. Buuuuut I guess I can be here to sympathize if you have fashion related problems in your life too :)

The weather's turned now and going outside has become impossible. Dressing up will be harder now too. I would've liked to put together a more elaborate outfit to hang out with my friends today, but unfortunately, I had to make sure to dress lightly. Even though stores have AC, one stills needs to be careful walking from the car to the building, right?


So I tried my best to accessorize this cute 80s dress :)
The necklaces are pony brushes I decorated! I have spares that I'm selling for $5 plus shipping so let me know if you'd like one :)

While I was out, I went back to Goodwill and they still had the Barbie sheets I wanted!


I'm so excited to try to make a dress just like the ones at Spank!


  1. I really like your outfit! And those barbie sheets~ <3!

  2. i know how you feel T T. i'm not lolita but i'm very jealous of people when i see them post on their blog about some sort of j-"meet-up". obviously, i love the friends i have, but it's even nicer when you meet people with the same interests >o<). it's even worse when you know they're around but they're not interested in making friends :I.

    (ps, found your blog through MAF dolly-kei post)