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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fairy kei inspiration

Tomorrow, I am off to the Steampunk World's Fair! Whoo! I'm mostly going to see all the outfits :)

Remember or friend with the ballet slippers from my Dolly Boys post? He's back with a new outfit :) Personally, i like the first outfit better.

On the lolita front, Putumayo has put out this fantastic new dress!

I love both Gray and Blue! I want this so badly right now! It's my new dream dress haha. Putumayo stuff is the perfect mix of cute and fun.

I don't have as many Fairy outfit snaps saved as Dolly so what I'm going to do is also post some of my favorite Fairy pieces and generally inspirational pics as well.

This outfit is perfect. I'm not much into the type of faiy kei that uses tutus, I'm much more interested in outfits like this one. My favorite items from Spank are their MLP dresses! This girl really wears it well. Look at her pony bag and pigtails! This is how I want to look when I do fairy.

Here is a close up of one of their MLP dresses! I'm planning to make myself an MLP dress to wear to MLP Fair this July. I won't be using a vintage sheet, though! Just the current MLP fabric that's for sale in the craft stores :)

I love the colorful blanket as a shawl. The colors are great in this one.

Pigtails :) I'm also a sucker for character tees.

This is actually a sales photo from Taiwanese brand Refuse to be Usual, but I really like some of the outfits they put together. I have two 2nd hand RTBU items (nothing from this pic, though) and they are great quality!

Really cute, well put together outfits. I'm so mad I didn't buy that Barbie sheet myself when I saw it at Goodwill ):

MLP is my biggest fairy kei inspiration :)

AP's stuff is getting more fairy these days.

Couldn't love this anymore. I don't know the brand.

Shirt from Spank.

And if you like Fairy, definitely check out this post about the shop Nile Perch! Looks like Heaven to me!


  1. Those first dress are awesome!! I like all those pics, though :D

  2. Im inlove with the tokyo fashion photo and the first ^^
    these outfits are so cute! x3

  3. Glad you like the post! <3